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Bass Clef Shed’s Mission


We strive to provide the most professional honest opinion and information available for all of our fellow bass players; offering our customers quality instruments, amplifiers and accessories at the best possible prices.

It is our intention to become a bassist resource site that provides current and usable information for all players, no matter whether they are a beginner or professional. Although we may not carry a large inventory,  we are intimately familiar with all the equipment either, having owned or played. If you will allow us the time to ship you the instrument of your choice, we can assure that you will not only be pleased with the shipping, but with the quality and price.

One thing can be assured that we are not –  a peddler of junk. We won’t play it nor will Bass Clef Shed carry it. This site and business is developed for the love of the instrument and the excitement and joy it brings to me personally . . . and all of you.