Lakland 44-01 Electric Bass GuitarThe memory after 48 years is still as clear as a bell; dad taking me to the local music store to buy my first bass guitar. This is attempt number 4 at an instrument that speaks to me (the others were band rentals and drum sticks). Dad of course very tentative of the purchase but nonetheless ready.

I found a Violin-shaped kind of bass, but not a Hofner- it was a Kent, coupled with an Ampeg Porrtaflex 12” Amp. Not bad (great amp) but the bass was okay and I assumed was sufficient for a beginner.

Fast forward today. My dad’s investment paid off for him, I have been playing for a lifetime; love it and live for it which leads to our topic.

What I have come to realize after all of the playing time is that after playing that Kent, I never felt satisfied with the bass and always craved a “great” instrument. Even as a kid I felt that a better instrument would have helped my development since I always felt that I was fighting with the instrument I was playing. In my honest opinion I feel that making a purchase of a quality instrument from the onset affords better playability, sound, and feel. Furthermore the feel of a well-made instrument in the hands of the player will tend to capture its user in the sense that they will become part of it, and as they evolve as a, musician they will grow into it, eliminating the need to move to a “better” instrument.

I realize economics will dictate some of those decisions, but here at BCS we are willing to work with our customers to help and advise them on instruments, amps and general advice. Please feel free to email us or call because we are committed to working with our customers and no price is set in stone. Bass Clef Shed exists because I love to play. Call let’s talk and get an instrument for your beginner.

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