juzeklogoThe Juzek upright basses were made in Prague, Czechoslavakia (Now known as the Czech Republic).  Jan Jusek imported factory instruments and primarily only worked with importing to America.  His basses can really range in level and quality.   It really depends on when they were being made (what the buyers needs were) and how much money customers were willing to spend.  Depending on the dates, there was plenty of competition with their German neighbors for the same types of upright basses also trying to work their way into the American market.  The Jusek upright was pretty successful in a few ways.  Lots of his basses were flat back, but he also made them with a carved back as well.  The varnishes ranged from shiny, heavily applied yellows, to wonderful dark chestnut brown.  The wood and workmanship also ranged in quality, but in general the quality is dependable.  In America, in the 1930, 40’s and 50’s, the Juzek upright bass was popular for its imported cheaper (more affordable) price.  Some might ask why there was such a range in quality and style in his instruments.  The answer could be found in that he also “farmed” out his instruments from other makers in the Schoenbach, but put his own labels inside.

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