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The Glasser company traces its roots back to 1938, when Leon Glasser began handcrafting wooden bows in his small Bronx, New York workshop. Much has changed since that time: Wood has been replaced by synthetic materials; beginning with fiberglass, then graphite, followed by carbon fibre. Meanwhile, the computer has brought new levels of precision to the bow making process.

Glasser makes six different types of bows. Below are descriptions of each type.

1. Standard Fiberglass Bows
Standard fiberglass bows have genuine unbleached white horsehair and a leatherette grip. Our fiberglass bows offer students a good alternative to inexpensive wood bows, since they are more durable and will not warp.

2. Premium Fiberglass Bows
Featuring a nickel silver grip, the premium fiberglass bow is comfortable in the hand and plays with outstanding responsiveness.  It offers the same weight and feel as a student model Brazil wood bow, yet it will not warp or break at the tip. The standard is brown and features genuine white unbleached horsehair and a leatherette grip.

3. Advanced Composite Bows
Created for the advancing string player, these bows feature sticks made from Glasser’s proprietary advanced composite fiber. The bows are mounted with the highest quality German-made ebony frogs from Paulus. These bows feature the resilience and liveliness of wood while retaining their strength and stiffness. Unlike wood, they will never warp or need recambering.

4. Carbon Graphite Bows
These bows feature the highest quality carbon graphite sticks and nickel silver mounted frogs with flamed abalone slide and eye from Paulus. All of our carbon graphite bows are nickel silverwound with an imitation leather grip.

5. X-Series Carbon Graphite Bows
X-Series Carbon Graphite Bows feature graphite sticks mounted with a half-lined Paulus ebony frog with faux pearl slide and eye.  All X-Series Carbon Graphite Bows are nickel silver wound with a leatherette grip. This American-made bow is great for students who seek the performance of graphite at a very attractive price.  The bow offers the  strength and resilience of the standard graphite model.  Like all graphite bows, it enhances the tonal quality of stringed instruments.

6. Braided Carbon Fibre Bows
Designed with the help of a composite process engineer, and made in a state-of-the-art California production facility, these superlative models represent the latest in bow technology. These patent pending braided carbon fibre bows are the ideal choice for expert musicians. These bows offer exceptional performance, are highly responsive and project a most powerful, clear, rich warm tone. Unlike standard composite bows, which are hollow, these bows have a solid core to give them a supplementary even feel and balance.


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