David Gage

David-Gage-logoThe Czech-Ease™ is a full sounding bass with an abbreviated body that makes it exponentially more portable than its full-bodied cousins, without losing the true bass sound. In addition to the Standard S1 model used by Dave Holland, there are three other models available:

Hybrid H1: The Hybrid (H1) Czech-Ease bass adds a carved top to the same plywood ribs and back as the Standard CE.  View Product

Carved C1: The Carved (C1) Czech-Ease has a fully-carved top, ribs, and flat-back.  View Product

“Vintage” Ply K1: A new blend of laminated tonewoods are used to match the presence of the most vaunted vintage plywood basses. View Product

Standard S1: The original Czech-Ease bass has been used by bassists worldwide since 2004, including Dave Holland, Esperanza Spalding, and Chris Wood. With a plywood body and an abbreviated lower bout, it’s highly durable and easily transported by car, bus, train, or plane in the custom flight case and Mooradian cover. The original Czech-Ease consistently surprises first timers with its real volume and clear attack.  View Product