Realist Docking Station for Bass


Universal Volume Attenuator
Designed by David Gage and Ned Steinberger

Adjust volume on-the-fly, no matter which string bass pick-up is installed.

This no-fuss dock installs to the tailpiece without fasteners. Simply loosen the strings, mount, tighten. You’re in control.

Jack-Pot™ volume control provides flexibility for those who want to bypass resistance altogether. À la This Is Spinal Tap, this control lets you “go all the way up to eleven.”

The Docking Station solves jack mounting problems, too. The cable is dressed away neatly from the ¼” input/output without additional hardware. The tension of the strings holds The Docking Station to the tailpiece, like the “loop” from the industry standard Realist “Copperhead” pick-ups. Works with all pick-ups, no batteries required, a passive system.

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