M-500 Bass Amplifier


Serious power in a small package!

Although it may look small make no mistake about it – the PJS M-500 is a very high performance bass amp. In addition to its incredible power, the sound quality is as good or better than many high-end audio amplifiers used in expensive hi-fi systems or studio monitor systems yet was designed from the ground up to stand up to the hard work of any serious musician.

The M-500 is high-powered compact bass head that that can deliver over 700 watts of pure, clean power. The ultra-clean pre-amp features a Parametric EQ as well as a 12-band graphic EQ to offer precise control of your tone – while the built-in 3:1 compressor offers control of your instrument’s dynamics without robbing it of its precious tone. The M-500 can be paired with any of the PJPS cabinets to provide options for any sized venue.

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