Fralin Split Jazz Bass Pick-Up


Our Split Jazz Bass® Replacements feature USA-Made magnets and wire, and are wound by hand, one at a time. Featuring a Left-Right Coil design for no-hum, we guarantee that you will absolutely love the sound of our Split Jazz Bass Replacements. We wind these Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Replacements to 60’s specifications, using top-of the line materials to give you a clear, open tone: all across the board.


Just like our Jazz Bass Replacements, just thicker, darker, and no hum. With our Fralin Split-Jazz Bass Replacements, you’ll get traditional 60’s tone, with more beef. These Fralin Pickups use USA-made AlNiCo V magnets and 43-Gauge Heavy Formvar wire to give your Jazz Bass an era-authentic tone. We offer (3) winding options to help you determine the perfect tone:

  • For an era-authentic 60’s tone, use our “Stock Wind”, or, choose “N/A” under output preference
  • For a thicker midrange and less highs, choose +5%. This will reduce the highs by 5%, and increase the lows and mids by 5%.
  • For an even thicker tone than the +5%, you can opt for +10%. This is perfect for anyone looking for an aggressively strong midrange and dark tone. Perfect for balancing out a bright sounding bass.
  • If you’re looking for a little cleaner tone, use our -5% wind. This will increase the highs by 5%, and decrease the mids by 5%.
  • Either way you choose it, picking Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Replacements will give you a deeper, richer tone that you can’t find anywhere else.


  • Era-Authentic tone from the 60’s with no hum.
  • Wound with 43-Gauge Heavy Formvar Wire
  • Made with USA-Made AlNiCo V Pickups
  • Wound By Hand, One At A time, In Richmond, Virginia


Available in four winding configurations. Use 250K Pots with these Fralin Jazz Bass Replacements. Available in 3 cover options: White, Black, and Aged White. These pickups fit a standard cover and bass with no modifications necessary.

Additional information


Complete Set, Bridge, Neck


+10%, +5%, Stock, -5%

Pick-up Cover Color

Black, Creme, White


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