Fralin Split ’51 P-Bass


Our combination of authentic 50’s P-Bass tone and a Left-Right Coil Design give you killer tone, with no hum! With no modification necessary, the Fralin Split ’51 will drop right in to your era-authentic bass or re-issue with ease. This pickup will fatten up your bass up a bit, too. The Fralin Split ’51 is our hum-cancelling version of our Fralin ’51 P-Bass Pickup.


Warm, rich, full, with no hum. The top end is warm and round, the the low end is extremely full, deep, and rich. The Fralin Split ’51 is the perfect pickup for those who want era-authentic 50’s P-Bass tone with an added hint of fatness. The “pushed-in-by-hand” AlNiCo V Magnets are just part of the equation that gives this pickup such a smooth tone.


  • Era-Authentic 50’s P-Bass Tone, No Hum
  • Split-Coil Design
  • 42-Gauge wire
  • AlNiCo V Magnets


Cloth leads, Lead and Ground. 42-Gauge coil wire. AlNiCo V Magnets with a slight stagger for even distribution of tone and volume. Built, Wound, Assembled and Potted by hand in Richmond, VA.

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+10%, +15%, +5% Overwind, -5%, -5% Overwind, 20%, 25%, 42 Gauge/6000 turns, 42 Gauge/6400 turns, 6.5K, 6K, 7.5K, 7.8K, 7K, 8K, Stock: 9400 turns, Stock, +2%, +5%, 10%, 15%


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