Eminence® Electric Upright Bass – Standard, Removable Neck and Case

Designed by G. Edward Luthier, Inc. and manufactured by Concord® Int’l Group, Inc.
A new exploration of the subtleties of fully acoustic sound with an acoustic body
“Well designed, well built, and meticulously finished” -by Double Bassist, Dec. 2000


• Fully laminated with fine flamed back and sides
• Acoustic body with 41 1/4” scale with “Helicore” strings – light tension
• Hand carved maple neck and scroll
• West African ebony fingerboard
• Adjustable bridge features Realist pickup
• Steady anti-rotational endpin foot and waist extension
• Deluxe heavy-duty foam padded bag


Technical Specifications:

Neck: Rock Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Vibrating String Length: 41-1/4 inches
Top: Arched, Laminated Spruce
Back: Arched, Laminated Curly Maple
Air Chamber Depth: 3 inches
Body Size: 10½ x 31½ inches
Bass bar: Solid Spruce
Sound post: Solid Spruce
Bridge: Maple, Fully Adjustable
Strings: D’Addario Helicore Hybrid Strings
Pickup: Realist, specifically modified for this instrument
Tailplate: Solid Brass
Endpin: Fully Adjustable with Steady-foot™ Anti-rotational Endpin Foot (see photo below)
Total Length: 63 inches
Weight: Fixed Neck – 13 lbs., Removable Neck – 14 lbs.
Warranty: Two-year limited warranty
LEFT HANDED- Fixed and Removable neck 4 string basses available



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