Acoustic Image Corus S4-PLUS 2ch Combo Amp


The Corus has been a staple in the acoustic flattop and jazz archtop world for quite some time! This amp may be small in size, but certainly sounds HUGE and clear. Works wonders for flattop acoustic guitars, jazz archtop guitars, and even keyboards!

Between the EQ, 2 channels, and built-in effects, you have a wide pallett of tone to shape. Even without shaping the EQ, you get the most natural sound possible. If you have a quality guitar, you’ll hear what we are talking about!

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Acoustic Image has developed a well deserved reputation for the powerful yet “uncorrupted” and “uncolored” sound characteristics of their amplifiers. The Corus S4 2-channel model follows in that tradition as the second generation model voiced with a more forward midrange presence that appeals to some steel-string guitarists and woodwind players.

The Acoustic Image Corus S4 is a full-featured modular one channel amplifier designed to combine the company’s 600 watt @ 4-ohms Clarus S4 head with a purpose built 2-way speaker cabinet tuned for guitar, violin, viola, mandolin and other treble cleff string instruments.

The Corus S4 includes Acoustic Image Cabrio Docking System. This feature allows you to easily remove the head for recording or powering other speakers…and then simply reinserting it into the combo when you need a portable all-in-one unit.

The Acoustic Image Corus voices a highly transparent reflection of the player’s instrument and technique. There is little to no perceptible coloration of either.

Compared to Acoustic Image’s other combo amps, the Corus specific crossover and woofer are engineered to provide more midrange projection while trading off bass extension below 60Hz.

Housed in a compact molded enclosure with a downward firing woofer, the Acoustic Image Corus provides a wider 3-D soundstage than traditional front firing speaker cabinet designs. This also allows other band members to better hear the user because of the more omnidirectional sound spread.

Principal features of the Acoustic Image Corus include a three-band EQ, mute switch, dual-purpose inputs with notch/high pass filters, reverb, pre and post EQ choice for the Direct Out and stereo capability by slaving another amplifier.


  • Output: 600W @ 4 ohms
  • Speakers: 2-way design:
  • 10″ woofer – paper cone
  • Downward firing omnidirectional
  • 5″ midrange-high frequency driver
  • Crossover @ 800Hz
  • Power: Switchable 115/230 volts
  • Inputs:  Dual purpose 1/4″ and XLR; two channels,  48v | 10mA Phantom Power on XLR
  • Size: 12″H x 15″W x 13″D
  • Weight: 19 Lbs nominal


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