Acoustic Image Corus EX Extension Speaker Cabinet


This is the perfect compliment to your Acoustic Image Corus Amplifier! Spread out that amazing flat response across a stage or use an extension cab as a pesonal monitor. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve from these boutique acoustic amps!

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Coverage and power expansion in a compact extension cab. Available as a Corus EX to match Corus combo.

  • 4 ohm cabinet, with 10-inch downfiring woofer, frontfiring 5-inch midrange, defeatable 1-inch tweeter
  • Ideal extension enclosure for Contra, Coda R, Corus (increases power output, volume, expands soundstage even further)
  • Perfect match as main speaker for Clarus and Focus
  • Comes with a fitted slip cover with cord storage pocket and shoulder strap.


  • Two-way Sealed Speaker System
  • 10″ Long-throw Low-frequency Woofer
  • 5″ Mid/High-frequency Driver
  • 8 ohm impedance, 300 watt rating
  • Neutrik Speakon Speaker Jack – no cable included
  • Lightweight (20 lbs), compact (15 x 12 inches) and Durable Enclosure
  • Rugged Carrying Handle


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